Aromacert® – cosmetics certificate of quality

You have a cosmetic product you’d like to control by aromatherapeutic standards and certify accordingly? You are at the right place. With our help you will get Aromacert® certificate – a basic standard that your product meets high demands of aromatherapy.
Professional team at Aromacert.org represent experts with long-time experience in natural cosmetics and aromatherapy -chemists, biochemists, aromatherapists and food technologists. Beside theoretic and laboratory knowledge, we are distinguished by expertise in traditional herbal cosmetics and concern for high quality and safety of natural cosmetics. It is also important to be aware of  the needs of a modern buyer. In the spreading market of, often, dubious natural cosmetics, we wish to offer controlled and certified cosmetic products to the end users. Aromacert® sign of quality is a guarantee that the cosmetic product not only satisfies, but even exceeds the standards of quality, impeccability  and harmlessness.

Testing procedure

Even though the procedure of Aromacert® certification is highly professional, it is simple and quick. Your product is only four steps away from the professional guarantee of its quality.


Team of experts (chemists, chemist technicians, biochemists) will check individual characteristics of cosmetic product. The most important one is their compatibility with the quality standard, thought other features ( appearance, inner structure …) are significant as well. All researches in the process of certification are properly documented.


Qualified and renowned aromatherapists will check the suitability of essential oils (naturalness, purity, origin), their distinctly determined aromatherapeutic purpose and labelling which has to be in accordance with European legislation of cosmetic products.


Aromacert® certificate is assigned to each product separately, meaning that the principle is: one product, one certificate. All certificates are accessible to the end user and published on our website.


Aromacert® certificate is valid for 12 months.  After that period, the certificate needs to be renewed through a simplified procedure with lower costs.


Aromacert® quality sign is not decorative accessory on the cosmetic product, but an added value, which you will choose if you wish to acquire professional confirmation, through aromatherapeutic certification, that your product is 100% natural, qualitative and completely safe.


What do I get with the certificate?

Aromacert® sign of quality on the product is a guarantee to the buyer that the product is 100 % natural, safe and aromatherapeutic, which significantly increases its value. The fact that your product has an Aromacert® sign of quality, which it gained because it was accordingly tested and certified, will bring you an advantage towards competition in the long term. Experts in the fields of cosmetology and aromatherapy will do the testing and certification of the product and will Aromacert® certificate that is valid for 12 months. After that period, the certificate needs to be renewed through simplified procedure with lower costs.

Upon order we also perform other tests and provide other reports like:

  • Challenging test of efficiency of preservation
  • Report on safety of cosmetic product
  • Testing of the long term stability of the product

Partnership pricelist of certification

Partnership price-list of certification is a great investment in future of your cosmetic business. Beside aromatherapeutic certification, we provide safety evaluation, microbiological analysis and stability study of cosmetic products. Above mentioned, with eventual additional requests, affects the price of certification.

Apart from certification and additional services, we offer you counseling in the area of development and marketing of cosmetic products.

For certification pricelist with all the details and specifications, please contact us at info@aromacert.org. We will get back at you as soon as possible.


Complete support to our partners

Investing in Aromacert® sign of quality, you will gain a complete professional and technical support in development of the product or the whole line of products, aromatherapist’s assistance with choosing and blending of essential oils, as well as counseling in registration of products, legislation and marketing. That means that with Aromacert® you get all – from idea to performance of your cosmetic line, together with the awareness that the product satisfies all legislative and aromatherapeutic demands in modern natural cosmetics. Aromacert® sign of quality will give you advantage towards competition, increase products’ added value and it will save you time that you’d otherwise lose with bureaucracy. In that way you can put all of your efforts into sales and maintaining relation with your clients.

Certification procedure

You are only two simple steps away from the aromatherapeutic certification, which will provide your product with Aromacert® quality mark.  Answer the questions below and contact us.

Check your product!

  • Does your product contain (will contain) only natural ingredients?
  • Does your product contain (will contain) natural essential oils?
  • Would you like your product to be certified by specialists in fields of cosmetology and aromatherapy?
  • Would you like to get a certificate that guarantees that your product is of good quality, completely natural and has aromatherapeutic qualities?

If you have answered positive on all four questions, your product is ready for the certification procedure. Please contact us so we can help you as soon as possible!

Contact us and we will get back to you immediately:

We invite companies and individuals that are producing natural, homemade cosmetic and wish to certificate their products with Aromacert® quality mark, to contact us in order to increase the added value of their products.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will reply to all of your questions in no time!

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